"The next day after Comfort Plus completed their work, my Kilowatt hours used dropped by 38%! My home is much more comfortable and my HVAC seems to be hardly running!”   - Dean G. 

"After Comfort Plus upgraded my home’s insulation, the air coming through our HVAC vents into the home went from 64 degrees to 82 degrees.....and it was 20 degrees colder outside! You guys are amazing!"  Kim M.   

“My only regret is that I didn't make improvements years ago!  My grandkids don't walk out with blankets around them on winter mornings anymore!” Dale A.

The Comfort Plus guys cleaned up so well that I asked them if I could hire them for house cleaning. I am very happy! Ramona Carpenter

"The guys did a great job! It's been less than 24 hours and I can already notice a difference in our home. Furnace is running a lot less and it's cold outside!" Dustin and Janine Dorr

“Comfort Plus is the best company I have ever had come do work at my house!”  Lawrence B. 

“We were very happy with Comfort Plus! The guys that came to our home did a great job, were very courteous and cleaned up very well!”   Barbara S.

“Without question, in my 30 years as head of Coop. Member Services, the Attic Report Card service from Comfort Plus is the best service we have ever offered to our Coop. Members!”  Ron Dickey - Blue Stem Electric Cooperative 

"The work Comfort Plus did changed our utilities.  They are much cheaper.  Our house is more comfortable and cooler on hot days." Larry and Johnetta Looka

"My house is much more comfortable” Pat Gibbs

"Since Comfort Plus improved my attic grade I hardly turn the heat on and the house stays at an even temperature” Debra Fath

 "The Comfort Plus technicians were very prompt and cleaned up after themselves.  Your fees for service seemed very reasonable and affordable.  Thank you."  Debra Fath

"The Comfort Plus crew was very polite and did a wonderful job cleaning up after themselves." Tom and Norma Andrews

"We were very pleased with the quality of work that was performed by Comfort Plus. They did a very nice job of cleaning up afterwards." Juan and Anita Araiza

"The Comfort Plus weatherization team was very professional. They left everything very clean when they left. Thank you!" Bill and Becky Arthington

"The weatherization team and experience with Comfort Plus was awesome! I would definitively recommend them." Chris and Judy Beemer

"I am very pleased with the work that was done and I'm going to spread the word about your Comfort Plus!" Kevin and Dawn Bleuel

"The guys were great. They worked so good together and so polite and cordial to us. What a wonderful experience!" Bill and Anne Clark

"The guys were wonderful! They fixed and repaired extra things for us that they found wrong and didn't even charge us." Connie Clavin

“The work crew showed up promptly and worked really hard. Everything went just as expected.” John Deardorff

"The men that came out to do the work were very delightful and efficient. They seemed very knowledgeable about what needed to be done. Thank you!" Christopher Dermott

"Things just couldn't have gone any better. I was very impressed with the weatherization team that came out and did the work." Kenneth and MaryLou DeWald

"It was a great experience having your weatherization team at our home. They did a fantastic job, worked hard, communicated well and cleaned up after themselves. Thank you!" Jeannine and David Edmonds

"What an amazing group of guys that came out and did the work. Words can't express how fantastic these men are. Thank you!" Bruce and Michelle Fell

"The guys were very professional, courteous and conscientious." Eric and Jennifer Figge

"The furnace seems to be running less and the house is a lot more quiet!" George J Finical

"The weatherization team was very professional and did a nice job!" Renae and Ron Greene

"Very impressed with your crews! They were very professional and very conscientious. Thank you for your help with this program." Gary and Stacey Guzman

"The weatherization team was very knowledgeable and did great work. We really enjoyed having these guys in our home. This has been a great experience from start to finish!" Tim and Lynne Hallier

"Utilizing the Attic Report Card service and bringing our attic grade up from a C+ to the Energy Star A Level really helped us during the ice storm. Thanks DS&O Electric Coop!" Stanley and Lori Hambright

"I'm very pleased and satisfied with the work that was done at our home." Philip and Kristi Hirsch

"We are very pleased! The 2 men that came out to do the upgrades were nice, conscientious guys. Thank you!" Kenneth and Shirley Hughes

"It's been less than 24 hours and it's already so much cooler and comfortable in our home." David and Ursula Ingram

"A very nice team of young men that did the work. We appreciated how hard they worked and how well they cleaned up and left no mess. Thank you!" George and Janet Keaton

'We noticed a very noticeable difference the same evening that the improvements were made. Downstairs was way more comfortable than it had ever been and we slept with just a sheet on! Thank you!" Richard and Janet Kellogg

"For the first time in 22 years our upstairs is staying within one degree of our downstairs and our Geo-Thermal barely seems to be running...and it's hot outside too!" Daryl and Lisa Lederhos

"The weatherization team did a great job!" Walter and Debbie Lee

"We looked up in the attic last night and wow....what a before and after! The guys did an amazing job!" Russell and Pam Martin

"Wow! The guys were outstanding! What fabulous work and such a wonderful experience." Melissa Masoner

“I am so happy the cooperative is helping me out to get this done.” Mary Murphy

"When the crew left I expected there to be little messes or debris to be cleaned up but there were no messes at all. They left everything very clean and it was much appreciated." Rob and Debra Niemeyer

"Very pleased! The guys did a great job, worked hard and cleaned up very well after themselves." Kelly and Ken Nordberg

"Your installers and crews exceeded my expectations. They seemed interested and listened to any concerns that I had while they were at our home. They were very polite and respectful and did a wonderful job cleaning up after themselves." Jerald and Rusty Peterson

"It’s been less than a day and the house feels warmer already!" Nick Pipkin

"Everyone has been so professional, informed and courteous. From the Attic Tech that first came to the home to the customer service and consultants. We really appreciate our Electric Coop providing the Attic Report Card service....it's been very helpful!" George and Alice Potts

 "We are very pleased! The team did a nice job and an excellent job cleaning up after themselves. A wonderful experience." Dan and Marla Reiff

"The workers were so professional and personable and did a wonderful job cleaning up after themselves. We were very impressed and had a great experience!" Charlene Roesner

"We are very happy and already noticing a huge difference in the comfort of our home. Thank you!" Clyde and Linda Rogers

"We are noticing a positive difference within 24 hours. It's 104 degrees outside and our A/C isn't running continually! Our A/C is able to keep up and our electric coop is going to be very happy with us!" Rollin and Donna Sears

"We can already tell a difference in the comfort level of our home and it's been less than 24 hours since the improvements were made!" Aaron and Marie Shumway

"Our attic grade went from a D to an A but I would grade the weatherization team that did the work at an A+. They were wonderful!" Ivan and Dorene Smith

"The installers went above and beyond what was expected. I was very pleased to witness integrity in action." William and Chris Stephens

"Our daughter commented a few hours after the improvements were made that her bedroom felt much cooler and comfortable!" Mark Sylvester

"We noticed an amazing difference in our comfort level the same day after the improvements were made. Our AC which normally runs all night hardly ran at all last night! We are very impressed and excited about how this is going to help us!" Jim and Deb Wagner

"The team was amazing that did the work. Very hard workers, polite and conscientious." Don and Janet Wakefield

“The installers did a very nice job. We appreciate how well they cleaned up and picked up after themselves.” Jerome and June Walburn

"The weatherization team was prompt, professional, courteous, kind and respectful. And they even cleaned up after themselves...thank you!" Merlin and Alice Williams

"I can already notice a positive difference on how much better my house holds the heat inside the home and my furnace kicks on and runs a whole lot less!" Will Younkman

"It's just been a few days but it seems like our A/C is running less....and that has to be a good thing!" Frank J Zvonik

​“The crew did a wonderful job and left the place as if they had never been there. We already notice a big difference and our air conditioner is running much less! We are VERY HAPPY!” Jennifer – DS & O Electric